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9 Aug 2014


Reviews have been flooding in for "A Thousand Hearts" ...and they have all been fantastic!! Here are a few nice quotes taken from some of them:

"A Thousand Hearts, a brittle and beautiful meditation on love, longing and loss that boasts one subtly executed stand-out performance after another." Songlines

"Songs that straddle the traditional and the contamporary, burnished to perfection and conveyed in a voice that warms the heart."  R2

"Tasteful, elegant and's hard to find fault when everything is delivered with unfaultering immaculacy." MOJO

“I’m listening to Cara Dillon’s new album and it’s sublime, heavily recommend to anyone” - Ed Sheeran

"Cara is one of the most gifted and elegant vocal stylists in these islands."  - The Mirror

"A Thousand Hearts stakes a firm claim as the best Cara Dillon album yet….a beautifully crafted work full of subtle details and superb musicianship and songs that stir the emotions." - Folk Radio UK

"Her last album earned her Radio 2’s Folk Album of the Year accolade and we’d put a very pretty penny on this one doing the same. A collection of erudite and beautiful songs, sung with stunning delicacy."  - Sunday Express

"Cara Dillon has such an expressive and crystal clear soprano voice that she can glide across modern Americana, traditional ballad and modern pop with equal grace…Dillon is on superb form."   - Daily Telegraph

"Lovely, winsome singer with a winning touch…Everything she touches is unerringly tasteful with immaculate arrangements and perfect production from her husband Sam Lakeman and A Thousand Hearts faithfully follows the same format." - Froots

"This album will be treasured by existing fans of Cara, and it should be noted as one of the most beautiful Irish Folk releases of the decade." 9/10 - Renowned For Sound

"..refreshing over-familiar tunes from the canon with uncanny ease; a low key “As I Roved Out” and bright opener “Jacket So Blue” here are cases in point…the arrangements come with drive and sparkle (there are piles of acoustic power strum here)." - Uncut Magazine  

"The knife-sharp production leaves each instrument within a sizeable ensemble ringing clear and Dillon’s lilting voice is as rich and melodic as ever." - The Sun

"Getting a new Cara Dillon album is like coming home to an open fire on a chill evening, somehow she makes all the stress fall away." - Sprial Earth

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